Lawn Painting

Lawn painting is the reason you’ve always wondered why your neighbor’s grass is always green when your’s is brown.  A painted lawn can be a quick fix for drought-damaged turf.

Groundskeepers at golf courses and football fields have been touching up brown grass spots with paint for decades. Now, drought and water restrictions are forcing lawn-loving home owners to find non-water ways to keep their grass green, and lawn painting is an increasingly popular alternative.

Paint Specs

Paint used for laws is made from non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients that cling to grass blades — and anything else you spray it on. Most paint for lawns are made from pulverized kaolin, a soft stone; some is made from decayed plants.  Bottom line, it is safe for the environment!

***Lawns that are painted must still be watered deeply once a week to keep roots alive.***