Husbands 2 Go can repair wood damage from termites and dry-rot. We will perform repairs on your home, business or rental property.

Areas where termites live

Termites are more than just a common household pest; they are the every homeowner’s worst nightmare, from our experience the sooner a termite infestation is dealt with, the less it will cost you.

Some of the common areas termites will be found are as follows

Hardwood Flooring
If you have a “slab” foundation, then termites can enter from the ground at any location and begin feeding on your hardwood floors. If your house has a sub-ground foundation, then begin your inspection near the edge of the floor since termites will enter from the perimeter of the foundation.

Attics and Crawlspaces
In most cases, subterranean termites must be in contact with soil to receive the moisture they need to survive. However, there are certain species of termite which are known to build above ground nests in dark and damp areas – areas much like your attic and crawlspace.

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